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Health & Social Care Transcripts

Health & Social Care Transcripts


Your transcript is a formal record showing the modules you have passed and the award you have achieved.

If you require a transcript, you can use this service to order and pay for one.

Please email [email protected] BEFORE making the payment - to ensure your transcript is available. 

Please note that transcripts for past Health and Social Care students can take up to 4 weeks to process.

Please select the correct transcript below - depending on your course of study:

1. Institute of Vocational Learning - IVL
2. Primary and Social Care - PSC
3. Midwifery - MW
4. Adult and Post-reg - APR
5. Allied Health - AHS
6. Child Nursing - CN
7. Mental Health and Learning Disabilities - MHLD

If you have any queries, please read the frequently asked questions. If this does not answer your query, please email [email protected]


What is provided on a transcript?

A standard transcript will usually include name, student number, date of birth, course name, course dates, module reference and title, level, CAT points, ECTS points, Mark (if applicable), Grade and award (if applicable). Older transcripts, especially those from studies prior to 2003, may not include module reference, level, CAT points and ECTS points.

I never received my transcript, do I still have to pay?

Fees will not be charged for a single request for documentation within one year of graduation. After this time requests will incur a fee of £35.

Can I get theory and clinical hours of study?

Study hours do not form part of a standard transcript and information is often kept by course rather than individual student.  Provision of hours are not guaranteed and, where provided, may be a good faith estimate.

How long will it take for my transcript to arrive?

Delivery is then dependent on the address and distance to travel, which is outside of the control of the University, so please allow a reasonable amount of time after the 5 working days.

I have outstanding University fees, can I still get a transcript?

If you are in Bad Financial Standing or have unpaid Tuition Fees with the University, you will need to resolve this before your request can be dealt with.

Can my transcript be emailed?

Yes, once they have been purchased and with written permission.

I have an education form I need to be completed, how do I go about this?

You are advised to check whether the information requested in the form is available. If it is, you will need to make the payment and forward the form to [email protected] or write to the University FAO: Student Administration (K2). In accordance with the requirements of the professional body organisations, completed education forms are sent directly to the organisation and not to the past student.

Why do I need to check availability prior to ordering one?

Unfortunately, we do not hold full academic records for older studies, particularly those prior to 2003. Information, where available, is often limited to course and award.

Why do transcripts and education forms take up to four weeks?

Requests are processed in the order received, and we aim to process then as soon as possible. Where a request includes non-standard information, such as placement hours, this takes longer to identify availability.

I studied at Redwood College of Health Studies or Charles West School of Nursing who have since merged with the university, will a transcript be available?

Redwood College of Health Studies or Charles West School of Nursing both merged with the university in the 1990s. Records are very limited from this period, and so availability cannot be guaranteed.

Can I get a copy of the course curriculum/module guide?

Guides are required to be kept only for the life of the course, although they may be kept for a few additional years.  They are, therefore, not always available. 

Can I get GPA scores or ECTS on my transcript?

We usually can provide CAT points, which are awarded in the UK, and the European equivalent ECTS on a standard transcript post 2003. The conversion of CAT to ECTS points is usually 2:1. GPA is not something we are able to provide.

What is the difference between a transcript and a confirmation of studies letter?

Where we are not able to provide a full transcript, we are may be able to offer a Confirmation of Studies letter which details the name of the course, the award received and the dates of attendance (month & year).

Why are transcripts processed by two teams?

Transcripts for the School of Health and Social Care are processed by the school itself because some records are kept locally. Transcripts for all other schools are processed by the Exams and Conferment team.


1. IVL


2. PSC


3. MW


4. APR


5. AHS


6. CN